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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State energy policy
§ 3-101. State energy policy. It shall be the energy policy of the

1. to obtain and maintain an adequate and continuous supply of safe,
dependable and economical energy for the people of the state and to
accelerate development and use within the state of renewable energy
sources, all in order to promote the state's economic growth, to create
employment within the state, to protect its environmental values and
agricultural heritage, to husband its resources for future generations,
and to promote the health and welfare of its people;

2. to encourage conservation of energy in the construction and
operation of new commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential
buildings, and in the rehabilitation of existing structures, through
heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, insulation and design
techniques and the use of energy audits and life-cycle costing analysis;

3. to encourage the use of performance standards in all energy-using
appliances, and in industrial, agricultural and commercial applications
of energy-using apparatus and processes;

4. to encourage transportation modes and equipment which conserve the
use of energy;

5. to foster, encourage and promote the prudent development and wise
use of all indigenous state energy resources including, but not limited
to, on-shore oil and natural gas, off-shore oil and natural gas, natural
gas from Devonian shale formations, small head hydro, wood, solar, wind,
solid waste, energy from biomass, fuel cells and cogeneration; and

6. to encourage a new ethic among its citizens to conserve rather than
waste precious fuels; and to foster public and private initiative to
achieve these ends at the state and local levels.

* 7. to conduct energy planning in an integrated and comprehensive
manner through development of a long-range energy master plan which
shall provide the framework for energy related decisions made throughout
the state.

* NB Expired January 1, 1984