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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 11-0919
Aid to wildlife in distress
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 9
§ 11-0919. Aid to wildlife in distress.

1. Notwithstanding any provision of law, rule or regulation to the
contrary, any person who may discover protected wildlife in distress,
except foxes and skunks, may capture the same and render necessary aid.
For the purposes of this section "in distress" shall mean the apparent
inability to survive in the wild thus requiring human assistance. Such
person shall, as soon as possible after capture of such wildlife,
deliver it to a person licensed pursuant to section 11-0515 to
rehabilitate wildlife.

2. Notwithstanding any provision of law, rule or regulation to the
contrary, a wildlife rehabilitator licensed pursuant to section 11-0515
of this article shall be authorized to capture, transport, rehabilitate,
release and euthanize rabies vector species, provided that such wildlife
rehabilitator has completed a training course approved by the
commissioner or provided by the department. A rabies vector species
exhibiting signs or symptoms of central nervous system disorder when
first encountered by a wildlife rehabilitator or while under the care of
a wildlife rehabilitator shall be euthanized immediately by such
rehabilitator and disposed of as directed by the local county health
department office. The commissioner shall, in consultation with the
commissioner of health, promulgate regulations as necessary for the
implementation of this subdivision.