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This entry was published on 2021-04-23
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Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11

Section 11-0901. Prohibitions.

11-0903. Open hunting seasons and bag limits fixed by


11-0905. Open hunting seasons and bag limits for upland game

birds and small game.

11-0907. Deer and bear; open hunting seasons; bag limits.

11-0909. Hunting hours.

11-0911. Procedure on taking wild deer and bear; transportation

of wild deer.

11-0913. Deer management permits.

11-0914. Yearling buck protection program.

11-0915. Disposal of deer, moose and bear killed unintentionally

by collision.

11-0917. Possession, transportation and sale of wild game and

other wildlife.

11-0919. Aid to wildlife in distress.

11-0921. Surrender of game unfit for human consumption; permit

for taking another of species surrendered.

11-0923. Dogs.

11-0925. Special dog training areas.

11-0927. Field trials.

11-0928. Tracking dogs.

11-0929. Hunting by minors.

11-0931. Prohibitions on the use and possession of firearms.

11-0933. Taking small game by crossbow.

11-0935. Deer hunting pilot program.