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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 11-0923
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 9
§ 11-0923. Dogs.

1. No owner or trainer of a dog shall:

a. allow it to hunt deer, or to run at large on enclosed lands on
which wildlife or domestic game is possessed under license issued
pursuant to the Fish and Wildlife Law or in any state park, state park
reservation, state-owned game farm or wildlife refuge or state-owned or
leased wildlife management area;

b. allow it to run at large in fields or woods inhabited by deer
outside the limits of any city or village, except on lands actually
farmed or cultivated by the owner or trainer of the dog or a tenant of
such owner or trainer.

2. No owner or trainer of a dog shall take it afield for training on
wild game except from August 16 to April 15 or as otherwise permitted by
department order.

3. Dogs may be trained on artificially propagated game which is
shackled, or led or confined game, legally possessed, or on training
dummies or other artificial devices at any time on lands owned or leased
by the owner or trainer of the dog or on lands for which he has written
permission of the owner or lessee, provided such training is done in a
manner to preclude any disturbances injurious to wildlife.

4. During the training of a dog, the trainer and any person in his
company shall not possess afield a firearm loaded with ammunition other
than blank shells or blank cartridges, or inflict any injury to animals
or game birds contrary to law.

5. Dogs hunting deer, or hunting any wildlife or domestic game on
enclosed lands described in paragraph a of subdivision 1 or on a state
game farm or wildlife refuge or wildlife management area, may be killed
as provided in section 11-0529.

6. Wildlife, except skunk, deer and bear, may be taken with the aid of
a dog, provided, however, that the department is authorized to establish
a training season during which only persons licensed by the department
pursuant to section 11-0928 of this article may train tracking dogs on
bear. Such season shall not begin before July first and shall end at
least eight days in advance of any open hunting season for bear and no
person participating in such training shall possess a firearm of any
kind or a longbow. Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to
invalidate or otherwise affect a permit to track or take bear issued
pursuant to subdivision one of section 11-0521 of this article.