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SECTION 15-1907
Drainage improvement associations
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15, TITLE 19
§ 15-1907. Drainage improvement associations.

1. There shall be in each drainage improvement district an association
to be known by the name of the district, as ............. ............
Drainage Improvement Association. It shall be the object of this
association to represent the interests of its members in drainage
matters before the department and elsewhere and to serve as a channel of
communication between the members thereof and the department. Each owner
of land within the district, each lessee of such land and each person
who has contracted to purchase such land shall be a member of and shall
have an equal vote in the association. Such association may be formed
voluntarily as soon as the department has filed its first description of
the boundaries of the district. As soon as practicable after recording
the final order creating a district, the association, if already formed,
shall call a meeting of the members of the association and perfect a
permanent organization.

2. If no association has been formed, the department may call a
meeting for the purpose of forming such association and a representative
of the department shall preside thereat until a temporary chairman is
elected. Such association shall adopt by-laws for the transaction of
its business. The association shall choose from among its members a
president, secretary and executive committee and such other officers and
committees as the by-laws may provide. It shall be the duty of the
secretary to keep a list of the members and their addresses and to
furnish the department with copies of such list on request. The annual
meeting of the association shall be held during the month of February in
each year, at which meeting the officers shall be elected and the
association shall determine upon the drainage maintenance or
construction work desired during the ensuing year.

3. Immediately after the close of the annual meeting the secretary of
the association shall submit to the department a list of the names and
addresses of the officers for the year and, if there be such, petitions
setting forth the desires of the association and of the members thereof.

4. To defray the costs of the necessary meetings, the association may
collect dues or contributions from its members.