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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15

Section 15-1901. Purpose.

15-1903. General provisions and definitions.

15-1905. Drainage improvement districts.

15-1907. Drainage improvement associations.

15-1909. Entry upon lands, structures and waters; condemnation.

15-1911. Petition for formation of district.

15-1913. Proceedings on petition.

15-1915. Proceedings for formation of district.

15-1917. Surveys and maps.

15-1919. Drainage enhancements.

15-1921. Proceedings on enhancements.

15-1923. Plans and estimates.

15-1925. General apportionment of cost.

15-1927. Proceedings on general apportionment of costs and final

fixation of boundaries.

15-1929. Corrections and revisions of statements of


15-1931. Procedure for authorization of construction.

15-1933. Construction.

15-1935. Contracts.

15-1937. Operation and maintenance.

15-1939. Special apportionment of cost.

15-1941. Major repairs of drainage works.

15-1943. Minor repairs in drainage districts.

15-1945. Minor repairs in existing drainage ditches.

15-1947. Unlawful interference with drainage works.

15-1949. Removal of beaver.

15-1951. Financing of improvements.

15-1953. Drainage improvement district fund.

15-1955. Proceedings for assessment and collection of cost.

15-1957. Drainage fund.

15-1959. Corrections and revisions of assessments,

determinations of drainage enhancements and

apportionment of costs.

15-1961. Drainage district with federal aid.

15-1963. Formation of district with federal aid.

15-1965. Construction project.

15-1967. Changes in project.

15-1969. Continuation of district.

15-1971. Transfer of property and discontinuance of district.

15-1973. Drainage section association; definitions.

15-1975. Drainage section association; creation.

15-1977. Articles of association; recording and filing.

15-1979. First annual meeting; members; officers; by-laws.

15-1981. Powers of association; limitations; voluntary


15-1983. Drainage of agricultural lands; procedure.