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SECTION 15-1979
First annual meeting; members; officers; by-laws
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15, TITLE 19
§ 15-1979. First annual meeting; members; officers; by-laws.

1. Upon filing and recording, the articles of association shall be
deemed to be in effect and the drainage section association created
thereby shall have the power and authority and shall assume the
liabilities conferred and imposed by title 19 of this article. The
temporary secretary shall notify all members by mail of the time, not
more than ten days after such filing and recording, and of the place of
the first annual meeting of the association, at which time permanent
officers shall be elected for the coming year.

2. The original membership of the association shall consist of the
signers of the articles of association. Membership shall cease when a
member dies or when he divests himself of the entire drainable acreage
owned by him. Grantees, devisees and heirs of the fee of a member's
entire drainable acreage shall be members and entitled to all the rights
of membership, and they shall be bound by the articles of association.
Grantees, devisees and heirs of the fee of a part of a member's
drainable acreage shall be members, shall be entitled to all the rights
of membership, shall be bound by the articles of association and shall
be liable in the proportion that such granted, devised or inherited part
bears to the total of the drainable acreage of the member from whom they
have taken title.

3. The officers of the association shall be members thereof and shall
consist of a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer. If an
officer's membership in the association shall terminate, the association
shall call a special meeting to elect his successor for the remainder of
the term for which he was elected. The term of office of all officers
shall be one year.

4. The association shall adopt at the first annual meeting by-laws,
not inconsistent with law or with the articles of association. The
by-laws shall fix the time and place of future annual meetings and
regular meetings of the association and shall provide for the calling
and holding of special meetings; shall provide the number of members,
not less than one-third, to constitute a quorum at its meetings; shall
provide the method of conduct of elections of its officers at annual
meetings; shall provide the form of notice, in writing, to be given to
all members of the amount of assessment due to pay the debts of the
association, and to pay all costs, expenses, fees and damages as
provided in the articles of association; and may provide for the
imposition and collection of annual dues and for any other matter
necessary to carry out the conduct of the affairs of the association.