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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Water Power
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15

Section 15-1701. Reservation of state control.

15-1703. Definitions.

15-1705. Licenses; approval by the Governor.

15-1707. Procedure on application for license.

15-1709. Preliminary permits.

15-1711. Provisions and conditions of licenses; payment to state

treasury of moneys received under this title.

15-1713. Waters impounded by dams constructed for power purposes

impressed with a public interest.

15-1715. Licenses and the protection of navigation.

15-1717. Provisions for the revision and readjustment of rent in


15-1719. Equitable rental for Niagara River water.

15-1721. Reservation in the license; state control of rates and

use and distribution of power.

15-1723. Contribution to the cost of headwater improvement.

15-1725. Prosecution of project works.

15-1727. Maintenance of project works.

15-1729. Eminent domain.

15-1731. Eminent domain; transmission lines.

15-1733. Use of land occupied by a public highway.

15-1735. Contracts extending beyond license period.

15-1737. Transfer of license restricted.

15-1739. Revocation of license.

15-1741. Re-entry at expiration of the license period.

15-1743. Renewal and extension of licenses.

15-1745. Prohibited diversions.

15-1747. False entries, statements or reports.

15-1749. Previous grantees not to divert waters without a


15-1751. Right to amend and repeal reserved.