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This entry was published on 2019-01-04
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Water Supply
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15

Section 15-1501. Water withdrawals; permit.

15-1502. Definitions.

15-1503. Permits.

15-1504. Water withdrawals for agricultural purposes.

15-1505. Interbasin diversions and water supply to other states.

15-1506. Transportation of water by vessel.

15-1507. Municipal water supply reservoirs on forest preserve


15-1509. Approval of plans for forest preserve reservoir

projects; petition; proceedings.

15-1511. Procedure on approval of application with respect to

forest preserve reservoir projects.

15-1513. Payment of cost of construction.

15-1515. Supervision of construction and operation.

15-1517. Reservoir to be owned by the state.

15-1519. Reservoir to be kept in repair.

15-1521. Supply of water to other public water supply systems.

15-1523. Indirect damages; decision and payment as to Rochester.

15-1525. Water well drillers in New York state to obtain

certificates of registration.

15-1527. Permit required for certain wells in Long Island


15-1528. Moratorium on the drilling of new wells in the Lloyd


15-1529. Approval of completed water withdrawal systems.

15-1530. Long Island water usage information.