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SECTION 15-1911
Petition for formation of district
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15, TITLE 19
§ 15-1911. Petition for formation of district.

1. Any three or more persons possessing swamp, bog, pond, meadow, or
other low or wet lands or any lands in the vicinity thereof, or any
public corporation in which such lands are located, or in the vicinity
of such lands, may present to the department a verified petition praying
for the formation of a drainage improvement district.

2. Such petition shall set forth:

a. The proposed name of such district, as the ..................
Drainage Improvement District.

b. The facts showing that the swamp, bog, pond, meadow or other low or
wet lands are a menance to the public health, safety or welfare and that
it is necessary for the conservation of the public health, safety or
welfare to drain or improve such lands by the construction of such
drains, ditches, channels, dams, dikes or other works, through or upon
such lands or through or upon the lands of others, so far as necessary
for any or all of such purposes.

c. A general description of the lands to be included in the proposed

d. A general statement of the benefits which will inure from the
formation of such district and the drainage of such lands.