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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 3-0313
Adopt-a-beach stewardship program
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 3, TITLE 3
§ 3-0313. Adopt-a-beach stewardship program.

1. The commissioner may enter into stewardship agreements with any
person or persons for the purposes of preserving, maintaining, or
enhancing a state-owned beach, shoreline area or portion thereof in
accordance with the policies of this chapter.

2. The stewardship agreement shall provide that the beach or shoreline
area be preserved and maintained in its natural state or managed to
enhance or restore the natural values it provides, consistent with the
provisions of this chapter. Activities may include: remediating
vandalism and storm damage, picking up litter and trash, establishing or
maintaining access or nature trails, providing interpretive services for
school groups and other citizens, and otherwise providing positive
benefits to the beach or shoreline area.

3. Stewardship agreement with any person or persons may provide for
assistance of personnel, facilities and supplies of the department for
the purposes of supporting appropriate activities under such stewardship
agreement, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

4. The department shall establish procedures by which a person or
persons may apply for a stewardship agreement, and shall be responsible
for working with such persons to identify specific sections of a
state-owned beach or shoreline area and specific activities deemed
appropriate for such stewardship agreement. The department may consider
factors such as safety, environmental sensitivity, need, cost and other
factors deemed relevant in determining which beach or shoreline areas or
activities may be eligible or appropriate for a stewardship agreement.

5. The department shall provide recognition of the stewardship
activities by appropriate signage on or near the adopted beach or
shoreline area, and may provide recognition by such other measures as it
may determine to be appropriate, including but not limited to press
releases, certificates, and newsletters.

6. The stewardship agreement may be modified in scope or altered in
any other manner at the sole discretion of the department, not
inconsistent with the provisions of this section. The person or persons
shall have the option of renewing the agreement subject to the approval
of the department and the continuation by the department of the
adopt-a-beach stewardship program. The department may immediately remove
the signs and it may terminate the agreement upon thirty days notice, if
in its sole judgment it finds and determines that the person or persons
are not meeting the terms and conditions of the agreement.

7. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, the state and
its employees shall not be liable for damages suffered by any person
resulting from the actions or activities of such volunteers.