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This entry was published on 2017-04-28
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SECTION 3-0315
Geographic information system
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 3, TITLE 3
§ 3-0315. Geographic information system.

1. The department in conjunction with the commissioner of health shall
create and maintain a geographic information system, and associated data
storage and analytical systems for purposes of collecting, streamlining,
and visualizing integrated data, permits, and relevant sites about
drinking water quality including, but not limited to, incorporating
supply well and monitoring well data, emerging contaminant data, water
quality monitoring data, pertinent data from remediation and landfill
sites, permitted discharge locations and other potential contamination
risks to water supplies. Such system shall also incorporate information
from the source water assessment program collected by the department of
health, data from annual water supply statements prepared pursuant to
section eleven hundred fifty-one of the public health law, information
from the database pursuant to title fourteen of article twenty-seven of
this chapter, and any other existing data regarding soil and groundwater
contamination currently gathered by the department, as well as data on
contamination that is readily available from the United States
geological survey and other sources determined appropriate by the
department. In addition to facilitating interagency coordination and
predictive analysis to protect water quality, such system shall provide
state agency information to the public through a website, within
reasonable limitations to ensure confidentiality and security.

2. The department shall make reasonable efforts to include additional
data, including data from well logs currently required to be filed with
the department pursuant to section 15-1525 of this chapter.

3. Parties required to submit data pursuant to any reporting
requirements set forth in this section shall, upon request of the
department, submit such data in an electronic format acceptable to the