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This entry was published on 2022-03-04
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Statement as to authority of notaries public
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 6
§ 137. Statement as to authority of notaries public. In exercising
powers pursuant to this article, a notary public, in addition to the
venue of the act and signature of such notary public, shall print,
typewrite, stamp, or affix by electronic means where performing an
electronic notarial act in conformity with section one hundred
thirty-five-c of the executive law, beneath their signature in black
ink, the notary public's name, the words "Notary Public State of New
York," the name of the county in which such notary public originally
qualified, and the expiration date of such notary public's commission
and, in addition, wherever required, a notary public shall also include
the name of any county in which such notary public's certificate of
official character is filed, using the words "Certificate filed
........... County." A notary public who is duly licensed as an attorney
and counsellor at law in this state may substitute the words "Attorney
and Counsellor at Law" for the words "Notary Public." A notary public
who has qualified or who has filed a certificate of official character
in the office of the clerk in a county or counties within the city of
New York must also affix to each instrument such notary public's
official number or numbers in black ink, as assigned by the clerk or
clerks of such county or counties at the time such notary qualified in
such county or counties and, if the instrument is to be recorded in an
office of the register of the city of New York in any county within such
city and the notary has been given a number or numbers by such register
or his predecessors in any county or counties, when the notary public's
autographed signature and certificate are filed in such office or
offices pursuant to this chapter, the notary public shall also affix
such number or numbers. No official act of such notary public shall be
held invalid on account of the failure to comply with these provisions.
If any notary public shall willfully fail to comply with any of the
provisions of this section, the notary public shall be subject to
disciplinary action by the secretary of state. In all the courts within
this state the certificate of a notary public, over the signature of the
notary public, shall be received as presumptive evidence of the facts
contained in such certificate; provided, that any person interested as a
party to a suit may contradict, by other evidence, the certificate of a
notary public.