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Department of State
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18

Section 90. Department of state; secretary of state.

91. Rules.

92. Deputies.

93. Custody of records.

93-a. Examination of reports.

94. Commission on ethics and lobbying in government.

94-a. Consumer protection division.

94-b. Office for new Americans.

94-c. Major renewable energy development program.

94-d. New York Asian American and Pacific Islander commission.

95. Legislative manual.

96. Fees and refunds.

96-a. Fees for services rendered pursuant to the uniform

commercial code.

97. Completing unfinished papers.

97-a. Affirmation in lieu of oath.

98. Copies of amendments to rules for admission of attorneys.

99. Central state registry of security guards.

100. Central state registry of armored car guards.

100-a. Information on state agencies pertaining to persons

subjected to section seventy-three-a of the public

officers law and who hold policy-making positions.

100-b. Business entity database.

101. Accessibility, rules and regulations.

101-a. Legislative notification of the proposed adoption,

amendment, suspension or repeal of agency rules.

101-b. Application by municipal corporations for the suspension

of certain rules.

102. Filing and publication of codes, rules and regulations.

103. Future editions and supplements of official compilations.

104. Departmental cooperation.

104-a. Departmental cooperation regarding water quality.

105. Changes in codes, rules or regulations.

106. Proof of codes, rules and regulations.

106-a. Internet access to the New York code, rules and


107. Intergovernmental agreements.

108. Address confidentiality program.

109. Registration of certain service providers.

130. Appointment of notaries public.

131. Procedure of appointment; fees and commissions; fee

payment methods.

132. Certificates of official character of notaries public.

133. Certification of notarial signatures.

134. Signature and seal of county clerk.

135. Powers and duties; in general; of notaries public who are

attorneys at law.

135-a. Notary public or commissioner of deeds; acting without

appointment; fraud in office.

135-b. Advertising by notaries public.

135-c. Electronic notarization.

136. Notarial fees.

137. Statement as to authority of notaries public.

138. Powers of notaries public or other officers who are

stockholders, directors, officers or employees of a


139. Commissioners of deeds within the state.

140. Commissioners of deeds in the city of New York.

141. Commissioners of deeds in other states, territories and

foreign countries.

142. Powers of such commissioners.

142-a. Validity of act of notaries public and commissioners of

deeds notwithstanding certain defects.

143. Fees of such commissioners.

144. Saving clause.

144-a. Eligible professions for the purchase, sale, and use of

body armor.