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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Neighborhood based initiatives project; services and activities
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 19-L
§ 548-c. Neighborhood based initiatives project; services and
activities. 1. Project establishment. Neighborhood based initiative
projects shall be established pursuant to this article. Each approved
project shall have as its primary components an action plan, the
creation of a council, and the provision of programs and services as
described in this section.

2. Programs and services. a. Projects shall provide for coordinated,
accessible services, which shall include:

i. comprehensive crisis intervention services on a twenty-four
hour-a-day basis which shall provide for information and referral
services and case management services, and may provide for mental health
services, alcohol and substance abuse services, child care services,
preventive services, and other services as identified by the project, to
individuals and families who are experiencing an emergency due to
homelessness, eviction, domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol or drug
abuse, mental illness, or other emergency situations identified by the
project; and/or

ii. comprehensive case management services to assist clients in
accessing quality services and to expedite and ensure the receipt of
such services. In addition, two or more needed services as determined by
the applicant and approved in the project application, such as services
listed in paragraph b of this subdivision, shall be provided.

b. Projects also may include any other specific local initiatives
which may be necessary to assist in stabilizing and improving the
neighborhood such as early intervention services, education, employment
and training services, intensive home based prevention services,
parenting education, comprehensive prenatal care, alcohol and substance
abuse prevention, treatment, and aftercare services.

3. Strategic neighborhood action plan. The council for each approved
project shall identify and quantify neighborhood needs on both a short
and long range basis. Such plan shall include the council's assessment
of the neighborhood's present and long range needs for economic
development, job development, housing, and such other improvements and
needs as may be identified by the project. Such plan also shall include
a description of the actions and resources necessary to meet the needs
as identified in the plan over the next five year period. The plan
subsequently shall be submitted to the committee for review and the
committee shall provide assistance as prescribed in section five hundred
forty-eight-e of this article to the council to help enable the project
to achieve its goals.