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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General powers and duties of the agency
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 27
§ 804. General powers and duties of the agency. The agency shall have
the power:

1. To sue and be sued;

2. To make and execute contracts and all other instruments necessary
or convenient for the exercise of its powers and functions under this

3. To establish and maintain such facilities as may be necessary for
the transacting of its business;

4. To appoint an executive officer, officers, agents, employees, and
prescribe their duties and qualifications and fix their compensation;

5. To utilize to the extent feasible the staff and facilities of
existing state agencies, pursuant to an allocation to be made by the
director of the budget;

6. To hold hearings and subpoena witnesses in the exercise of its
powers, functions and duties provided for by this article;

7. To contract for professional and technical assistance and advice;

8. To contract for and to accept any assistance, including but not
limited to gifts, grants or loans of funds or of property from the
federal government or any agency or instrumentality thereof, or from any
agency or instrumentality of the state, or from any other public or
private source and to comply, subject to the provisions of this article,
with the terms and conditions thereof, subject to the approval of the
director of the budget;

9. To adopt, amend and repeal, after public hearing (except in the
case of rules and regulations that relate to the organization or
internal management of the agency), such rules and regulations,
consistent with this article, as it deems necessary to administer this
article, and to do any and all things necessary or convenient to carry
out the purposes and policies of this article and exercise powers
granted by law; and

10. To report periodically to the governor and the legislature on the
conduct of its activities but not less than once a year, furnishing a
copy of each such report to the clerk of the county legislative body of
each county wholly or partly within the park and to the review board.