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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Adirondack park local government review board
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18, ARTICLE 27
§ 803-a. Adirondack park local government review board. 1. For the
purpose of advising and assisting the Adirondack park agency in carrying
out its functions, powers and duties, there is hereby established the
Adirondack park local government review board. Such board shall consist
of twelve members, each of whom shall be a resident of a county wholly
or partly within the park. No more than one member shall be a resident
of any single county. Each member shall be appointed by or in the manner
determined by the legislative body of each such county.

2. The members of the review board shall serve for such terms as shall
be determined by their respective appointing authorities. Any member of
the board may, if authorized by his appointing authority, designate an
alternate to serve in his absence.

3. The review board shall elect, for such term as it may determine, a
chairman from among its membership and such other officers as it deems

4. The review board shall meet regularly at least four times each
year. Special meetings may be called by the chairman and shall be called
by him at the request of a majority of the review board.

5. No member of the review board shall be disqualified from holding
any other office or employment by reason of his appointment hereunder,
notwithstanding the provisions of any general, special or local law.

6. The members of the review board shall receive no compensation for
their services but their respective appointing authorities may provide
for payment of their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the
performance of their duties hereunder.

7. In addition to any other functions or duties specifically required
or authorized in this article, the review board shall monitor the
administration and enforcement of the Adirondack park land use and
development plan and periodically report thereon, and make
recommendations in regard thereto, to the governor and the legislature,
and to the county legislative body of each of the counties wholly or
partly within the park.