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This entry was published on 2022-08-19
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Division of State Police
Executive (EXC) CHAPTER 18

Section 210. Division of state police.

211. Employees.

212. Equipment.

213. Acquisition of real property.

214. Establishment of training school.

214-a. Child abuse prevention.

214-b. Family offense intervention.

214-c. Elder abuse awareness.

214-d. Human trafficking awareness.

214-e. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and retraining.

214-f. Emergency situations involving people with autism

spectrum disorder and other developmental


214-g. Opioid antagonist awareness.

214-h. Extreme risk protection orders.

214-h*2. Model law enforcement death notification policy.

215. Organization; salaries; qualifications; appointment;

term; rules and regulations.

216. Bureau of criminal investigation.

216-a. Scientific crime detection laboratory.

216-b. Salary increments.

216-c. Holiday compensation.

216-d. Consumer product protection.

217. Communication.

218. Installation, operation and maintenance of basic

system; personnel.

219. Availability.

220. Orders, rules or regulations.

221. System of criminal justice information.

221-a. Computer system to carry information of orders of

protection and warrants of arrest.

221-b. Reporting to New York state violent crimes analysis


221-c. Statewide repository of data relating to unlawful

methamphetamine laboratories.

221-d. Discovery of an unlawful methamphetamine laboratory.

222. Radio communication system.

223. Duties and powers of the superintendent of state police

and of members of the state police.

224. Verification of complaint.

225. Enforcement of conservation law.

225-a. Lost and found property.

226. Employment of state police in towns, villages, police


227. Disability benefits.

227-a. Death benefits.

228. National instant criminal background checks.

229. Retirement for cause.

230. Gun trafficking interdiction program.

231. Uniform identification cards for retired police


232. Sexual assault victims unit.

233. Municipal gun buyback program.

234. New York state police body-worn cameras program.

235. Firearms safety training, and licensing appeals.