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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Duties of counsel
Family Court Act (FCT) CHAPTER 686, ARTICLE 10, PART 5
§ 1052-b. Duties of counsel. 1. If the court has entered a
dispositional order pursuant to section one thousand fifty-two it shall
be the duty of the respondent's counsel promptly to advise such
respondent in writing of his or her right to appeal to the appropriate
appellate division of the supreme court, the time limitations involved,
the manner of instituting an appeal and obtaining a transcript of the
testimony and the right to apply for leave to appeal as a poor person if
the respondent is unable to pay the cost of an appeal. It shall be the
further duty of such counsel to explain to the respondent the procedures
for instituting an appeal, the possible reasons upon which an appeal may
be based and the nature and possible consequences of the appellate

2. It also shall be the duty of such counsel to ascertain whether the
respondent wishes to appeal and, if so, to serve and file the necessary
notice of appeal.