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This entry was published on 2021-04-23
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Family Court Act (FCT) CHAPTER 686, ARTICLE 10

Section 1051. Sustaining or dismissing petition.

1052. Disposition on adjudication.

1052-a. Post-dispositional procedures.

1052-b. Duties of counsel.

1052-c. Duty to report investigations to locate non-respondent

parents or relatives.

1053. Suspended judgment.

1054. Release to non-respondent parent or legal custodian or


1055. Placement.

1055-a. Substantial failure of a material condition of

surrender; enforcement of a contact agreement.

1055-b. Custody or guardianship with a parent or parents,

relatives or suitable persons pursuant to article six

of this act or guardianship with relatives or suitable

persons pursuant to article seventeen of the

surrogate's court procedure act.

1055-c. Court review of placement in a qualified residential

treatment program.

1056. Order of protection.

1056-a. Firearms; surrender and license suspension, revocation

and ineligibility.

1057. Release of the child to the respondent or respondents;

supervision of the respondent or respondents.

1058. Expiration of orders.