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This entry was published on 2017-01-06
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Copies of law to be posted
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 11
§ 188. Copies of law to be posted. 1. Every licensed person shall post
in a conspicuous place in the main room of such agency sections one
hundred seventy-eight, one hundred eighty-one, one hundred eighty-five,
and one hundred eighty-six, of this article. Such poster shall also
contain the name and address of the commissioner charged with the
enforcement of this article in the place where the agency is located.

2. The commissioner, in conjunction with the director of the office
for new Americans, shall develop, establish and implement a public
awareness campaign regarding the rights of job seekers. Such public
awareness campaign shall be made available to the public by any means
deemed appropriate by the commissioner and the director of the office
for new Americans. Any materials developed and disseminated to job
seekers according to this subdivision must also be distributed to
licensed employment agencies.