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This entry was published on 2017-01-06
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Employment Agencies
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20

Section 170. Application of article.

171. Definitions.

172. License required.

173. Application for license.

174. Procedure upon application; grant of license.

175. Form and contents of license.

176. Assignment or transfer of license; change of location;

additional locations.

177. Bonds and license fees.

178. Action on bond.

179. Registers and other records to be kept.

181. Contracts, statements of terms and conditions, and


182. Cards to be furnished nurses; registry records.

184. Recruitment of domestic or household employees who are

residents of other states; findings and policy.

184-a. Recruitment of domestic or household employees from

outside the continental United States.

185. Fees.

185-a. Domestic dayworkers who are transported to the place of


186. Return of fees.

187. Additional prohibitions.

188. Copies of law to be posted.

189. Enforcement of provisions of this article.

190. Penalties for violations.

191. Definition.

192. Prohibited activities.

193. Penalties for violation.

194. Employment agency fees; reimbursement from employee to

employer prohibited.