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Procedure on hearing
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 23-A
§ 355. Procedure on hearing. The order for such examination must be
signed by the justice making it and service of a copy thereof with an
endorsement by the attorney-general signed by him or his deputy, to the
effect that the person named therein is required to appear and be
examined at the time and place and before the justice or referee
specified in such endorsement, shall be sufficient notice for the
attendance of witnesses. Such endorsement may contain a clause requiring
such person to produce at such examination all books, papers and
documents in his possession or under his control relating to the subject
of such examination. The order shall be served upon the person named in
the endorsement aforesaid by delivering to and leaving with him a
certified copy thereof, endorsed as above provided, subject to the
payment of witness fees and mileage as and when provided to be paid by
section three hundred fifty-two, subdivision three of this article in
connection with attendance pursuant to subpoenas authorized to be issued
under said action. Service of an order pursuant to section three hundred
fifty-four of this article may be made under section three hundred
fifty-two-b of this article in cases falling thereunder.