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This entry was published on 2020-06-19
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Advisory committee
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 27
§ 403. Advisory committee. 1. There shall be established within the
department an advisory committee which shall consist of nine members
broadly representative of the appearance enhancement industry; including
one person engaged in the practice of either nail specialty or waxing;
two persons engaged in natural hair styling; one of whom shall be
knowledgeable in the practice of styling techniques which place tension
on the hair roots, and one of whom shall ensure strict adherence to
quality services for all clients of all hair types, including, but not
limited to, curl pattern, hair strand thickness, and volume of hair; one
person engaged in esthetics; two persons engaged in cosmetology; two
persons engaged in training of persons for such practices and one person
licensed as a dermatologist. The secretary shall appoint such persons to
serve on the advisory committee, provided, that two shall be appointed
by the secretary on the recommendation of the temporary president of the
senate and two shall be appointed by the secretary on the recommendation
of the speaker of the assembly. Each member of the committee shall be
appointed for terms of two years. Any member may be reappointed for
additional terms. The secretary shall designate from among the members
of the committee a chairperson who shall serve at the pleasure of the

2. The advisory committee shall meet no less than three times each

3. The advisory committee shall advise the secretary on all matters
relating to this article, and on such other matters as the secretary
shall request. In advising the secretary on matters concerning
professional education or curriculum, inclusive of the maintenance of
cultural and ethnic awareness within the prescribed curriculum in regard
to hair types, including, but not limited to, curl pattern, hair strand
thickness, and volume of hair, the advisory committee shall, to the
extent practicable, consult with the state education department. The
advisory committee is directed, in consultation with the department of
state, the New York state office for the prevention of domestic violence
and an advocacy group recognized by the federal department of health and
human services, which has the ability to coordinate statewide and with
local communities on programming and educational materials related to
the prevention and intervention of domestic violence in New York state,
to develop, provide for and integrate awareness training on domestic
violence and sexual assault for all prospective students seeking to be
licensed under this article. Further, on a voluntary basis for those
seeking to renew their license as provided for in this article to
develop and provide access to educational material for domestic violence
and sexual assault awareness.

4. The secretary shall designate an employee of the department to act
as secretary of the advisory committee, and shall provide such advisory
committee such stenographic or other assistance as may be necessary.

5. Members of the advisory committee shall receive no compensation but
shall be entitled to actual and necessary traveling and other expenses
while engaged in the performance of such member's duties hereunder.