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This entry was published on 2015-07-24
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Rules and regulations
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20, ARTICLE 27
§ 404. Rules and regulations. The secretary shall promulgate rules and
regulations which establish standards for practice and operation by
licensees and trainees under this article in order to ensure the health,
safety and welfare of the public including licensees and trainees when
they are working within such establishments. Such rules and regulations
shall include, but not be limited to, the sanitary conditions and
procedures required to be maintained, a minimum standard of training
appropriate to the duties of nail specialists, trainees, waxers, natural
hair stylists, estheticians, and cosmetologists and the provision of
service by nail specialists, trainees, waxers, natural hair stylists,
estheticians or cosmetologists at remote locations other than the
licensee's home provided that such practitioner holds an appearance
enhancement business license to operate at a fixed location or is
employed by the holder of an appearance enhancement business license.
Regulations setting forth the educational requirements for nail
specialists and trainees shall include education in the area of causes
of infection and bacteriology. In promulgating such rules and
regulations the secretary shall consult with the state education
department, the advisory committee established pursuant to this article,
any other state agencies and private industry representatives as may be
appropriate in determining minimum training requirements.