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This entry was published on 2022-07-22
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Hotels and Boarding Houses
General Business (GBS) CHAPTER 20

Section 200. Safes; limited liability.

201. Liability for loss of clothing and other personal

property limited.

202. Loss by fire.

203. Value of animals.

203-a. Hotel and motel keeper's liability for property in


203-b. Posting of statute.

204. Register to be kept.

204-a. Safety chain latches required.

205. Human trafficking awareness and training.

206. Rates to be posted; penalty for violation.

206-a. Advertising of rates for motels and motor courts.

206-b. Posting of rates for motels and motor courts.

206-c. Frauds on guests of hotels, boarding houses,

rooming-houses and lodging houses.

206-d. Posting of rates of various type accommodations.

206-e. Telephone call charges; disclosure; violations.

206-f. Information concerning services for human trafficking


207. Sale of unclaimed articles and other property covered by

his lien.

208. Disposition of proceeds of sale.

209. Certain sales after eighteen months.

209-a. Registration of hotel and motel names.

209-b. Index of registrants and registered names.

209-c. Registration of identical, similar or misleading names


209-d. Penalties for violation.

209-e. Preservation of existing remedies; use of true name.

209-f. Notice of assignment.

209-g. Notice of abandonment.