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This entry was published on 2020-10-16
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Public holidays; half-holidays
General Construction (GCN) CHAPTER 22, ARTICLE 2
§ 24. Public holidays; half-holidays. The term public holiday includes
the following days in each year: the first day of January, known as New
Year's day; the third Monday of January, known as Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr. day; the twelfth day of February, known as Lincoln's birthday;
the third Monday in February, known as Washington's birthday; the last
Monday in May, known as Memorial day; the second Sunday in June, known
as Flag day; the nineteenth day of June, known as Juneteenth; the fourth
day of July, known as Independence day; the first Monday in September,
known as Labor day; the second Monday in October, known as Columbus day;
the eleventh day of November, known as Veterans' day; the fourth
Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving day; and the twenty-fifth
day of December, known as Christmas day, and if any of such days except
Flag day is Sunday, the next day thereafter; each general election day,
and each day appointed by the president of the United States or by the
governor of this state as a day of general thanksgiving, general fasting
and prayer, or other general religious observances. The term
half-holiday includes the period from noon to midnight of each Saturday
which is not a public holiday.