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Meaning of Terms
General Construction (GCN) CHAPTER 22

Section 10. Acknowledge and acknowledgment.

11. Acknowledgment or proof of instrument.

11-a. Acquisition.

11-b. Appropriation.

12. Affidavit.

13. Adjournment of meeting.

13-a. Armed forces of the United States.

13-b. Board of supervisors.

14. Bond and undertaking.

15. Chattels.

16. Choose.

16-a. Civil action.

16-b. Condemnation.

17. Criminal code.

18. Consolidated laws.

18-a. Criminal action.

19. Day, calendar.

20. Day, computation.

20-a. Distinct parcel.

22. Gender.

23. Heretofore and hereafter.

24. Public holidays; half-holidays.

24-a. Closing of banking organizations on Saturday; Sunday,

public holiday or Saturday afternoon banking

transactions; emergency bank holidays.

25. Public holiday, Saturday or Sunday in contractual

obligations; extension of time where performance of act

authorized or required by contract is due on Saturday,

Sunday or public holiday.

25-a. Public holiday, Saturday or Sunday in statutes; extension

of time where performance of act is due on Saturday,

Sunday or public holiday.

25-b. Injury to property.

25-c. Investment in bond and mortgage or note and mortgage.

26. Judge.

26-a. Judgment creditor.

26-b. Just compensation as including loss of mortgage financing.

27. Last, preceding, next and following.

28. Lunatic, mentally ill person, lunacy and mental illness.

28-a. Mandate.

28-b. Magistrate.

28-c. Down's syndrome.

29. Men.

30. Month, computation.

31. Month in statute, contract and public or private


32. Municipal officers.

33. Notice.

33-a. Notify.

34. Now.

35. Number, singular and plural.

36. Oath, affidavit and swear.

37. Person.

37-a. Personal injury.

37-b. Population.

38. Property.

39. Property, personal.

40. Property, real.

41. Quorum and majority.

41-a. Recital in record of meeting as evidence.

42. Register of county.

43. Seal of court, public officer or corporation.

44. Seal, private.

44-a. Seal on written instrument.

45. Seal, private as corporate seal.

46. Signature.

47. State.

47-a. Superintendent of schools.

48. Tense, present.

49. Territory.

50. Time, computation.

51. Time, night.

52. Time, standard.

53. Time, use of standard.

53-a. Trial juror; trial jury.

54. Village.

55. Women.

56. Writing and written.

57. Year, common and leap.

58. Year in statute, contract and public or private


59. Bastard; illegitimate child.

60. Newspapers.

61. Date for determining last completed assessment rolls.

62. Size of type.