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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Quorum and majority
General Construction (GCN) CHAPTER 22, ARTICLE 2
§ 41. Quorum and majority. Whenever three or more public officers are
given any power or authority, or three or more persons are charged with
any public duty to be performed or exercised by them jointly or as a
board or similar body, a majority of the whole number of such persons or
officers, gathered together in the presence of each other or through the
use of videoconferencing, at a meeting duly held at a time fixed by law,
or by any by-law duly adopted by such board or body, or at any duly
adjourned meeting of such meeting, or at any meeting duly held upon
reasonable notice to all of them, shall constitute a quorum and not less
than a majority of the whole number may perform and exercise such power,
authority or duty. For the purpose of this provision the words "whole
number" shall be construed to mean the total number which the board,
commission, body or other group of persons or officers would have were
there no vacancies and were none of the persons or officers disqualified
from acting.