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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Construction (GCN) CHAPTER 22, ARTICLE 2
§ 60. Newspapers. a. In any case in which notice of any fact is
required by law to be published or advertised in a newspaper, the term
"newspaper" shall mean a paper of general circulation which is printed
and distributed ordinarily not less frequently than once a week, and has
been so for at least one year immediately preceding such publication or
advertisement, and which contains news, articles of opinion (as
editorials), features, advertising, or other matter regarded as of
current interest, has a paid circulation and (except for such a paper
which has been printed and distributed not less frequently than once a
week for a period of ten years prior to January one, nineteen hundred
seventy-five) has been entered at United States post-office as
second-class matter. A publication which is distributed or made
available primarily for advertising purposes to the public generally
without consideration being paid therefor shall not be deemed to be a
"newspaper" for the purpose of publication or advertisement of such
notice required by law. Notwithstanding any provision of this
subdivision to the contrary, a publication which was designated and
publishing notice as an official newspaper prior to the year nineteen
hundred forty and continued to be so designated and publishing for at
least thirty years after such year shall be deemed to be a newspaper
within the meaning of this subdivision.

b. The terms "daily newspaper" and "newspaper published each business
day" in a statute, contract, or any public or private instrument, mean,
respectively, a newspaper customarily published on each business day of
the year, whether or not such newspaper is published on any other day.
The term "business day" when used herein does not include Saturdays,
Sundays or legal holidays.

c. The term "newspaper of a county, city, town or village" when used
in a statute shall mean a newspaper published, circulated, printed or
distributed in the county, city, town or village.