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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Examining boards of plumbers in cities
General City (GCT) CHAPTER 21, ARTICLE 4
§ 40-a. Examining boards of plumbers in cities. The existing boards
for the examination of plumbers in cities of this state are continued
and each shall be known as the examining board of plumbers. Such board
in each city shall continue to consist of five persons to be appointed
by the mayor, of whom two shall be employing or master plumbers of not
less than ten years' experience in the business of plumbing, and one
shall be a journeyman plumber of like experience, and the other members
of such board shall be the chief inspector of plumbing and drainage of
such city, or officer performing the duties of such inspector, and the
chief engineer having charge of sewers in such city, but in the event of
there being no such officers in such city, then any two other officers
having charge or supervision of the plumbing, drainage or sewerage, whom
the mayor shall designate or appoint, or two members of the board of
health of such city having like duties or acting in like capacities.