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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers of Cities
General City (GCT) CHAPTER 21

Section 19. General grant of powers.

20. Grant of specific powers.

20-a. Purchasing department or agency.

20-b. Cities authorized to impose taxes on utilities.

20-c. Temporary investment of certain city funds in obligations

of the United States.

20-d. Alternative procedure for acquisition of certain real

property, personal property and franchises of omnibus

lines within cities having a population of one million

or more inhabitants.

20-e. State office buildings and other public improvements in

certain cities.

20-f. Transfer of development rights; definitions; conditions;


20-g. Intermunicipal cooperation in comprehensive planning and

land use regulation.

21. Public or municipal purpose and general welfare defined.

21-b. Debt service in relation to certain municipal cooperative


21-c. Passenger stations of railroad redevelopment corporations

in certain cities.

21-d. Establishment of blood credit systems by cities.

21-e. Operating assistance for water-works corporations in

certain cities.

21-f. Operating assistance for certain public utility services.

22. This grant in addition to existing powers.

23. Powers hereby granted, how to be exercised.

24. Construction of this act.