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General Provisions
General City (GCT) CHAPTER 21

Section 2. Term of office of city supervisors.

2-a. Succession to certain city offices.

2-b. Definition.

3. Members of common council; appointments to other city


3-a. Liability of city officials.

3-b. Deposit of city funds.

3-c. Unlawful offers or agreements by municipal officials or

omnibus lines with respect to omnibus line operations.

3-d. Receipts and disbursements of payrolls.

4. Removal of appointive officers in cities of the third


5. Certain parades and processions forbidden; penalty.

6. Swearing witnesses.

7. Summoning witnesses.

8. Law applicable to conduct of elections at which ballot

questions are submitted to all the voters of a city.

10. Licenses to adult blind persons.

11. Use of soft coal in public institutions.

12. Money for celebration of legal holidays in cities.

12-a. Money for tercentennial celebrations.

13. Moneys for Memorial and Veterans days; how expended.

13-a. Moneys for maintaining the conference of mayors and other

city officials of the state of New York and any of its


13-b. Publicity fund.

13-c. Power of cities to provide moneys to replace revenues from

excise taxes.

13-e. Expenses of meeting rooms for veterans' and other


13-f. Moneys for maintaining the municipal electric utilities

association of the state of New York and any of its


13-g. Moneys for maintaining the New York State Assessors

Association and any of its activities.

13-h. Moneys for maintaining statewide associations of local

officials and any of their activities.

14. Permits for erection of booths and arches.

15. Firefighters moving from one city to another.

16. Term of service; how reckoned.

16-a. Volunteer members of fire companies.

16-b. Computation of pensions in certain retirement funds.

16-c. Minimum service retirement benefits for certain sanitation

department employees in cities and who are members of

pension or retirement systems maintained by such cities.

17. Operation of crematories for disposal of garbage.

18. License to operate moving picture apparatus.

18-a. (Enacted without section heading).

18-b. Admission of children to theatres.

18-c. (Enacted without section heading).

18-d. Duty of street vendors to keep the sidewalk and street