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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General City (GCT) CHAPTER 21
Section 26. Official map, establishment.

27. Planning board, creation and appointment.

27-a. Site plan review.

27-b. Approval of special use permits.

28-a. City comprehensive plan.

29. Official map, changes.

31. Planning board, general reports.

32. Subdivision review; approval of plats; development of

filed plats.

33. Subdivision review; approval of plats; additional


34. Subdivision review; record of plats.

35. Permits for building in bed of mapped streets.

35-a. Limitation of time for revocation of permit.

36. Municipal improvements in streets, buildings not on

mapped streets.

37. Subdivision review; approval of cluster development.

38. Court review.

38-a. Removal of walls encroaching on streets.

39. Separability clause.