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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contracts for sewerage disposal
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 6
§ 120-a. Contracts for sewerage disposal. The respective
municipalities and districts may contract with each other, or they may
jointly or severally contract with a third person, corporation or
municipality, either for the construction, operation, maintenance or
leasing of a complete comprehensive system for the removal and disposal
of sewerage, or of a trunk line system with or without lateral
connections, with or without the sewerage disposal plant or of a
sewerage disposal plant; each of the boards or commissioners, however,
binding only the municipalities or districts which they respectively
represent. Such municipalities jointly acting through such board or
commissioners, if they deem it expedient so to do, may contract with any
other municipality or municipalities through or over whose territory
such trunk sewer or sewers are intended to pass, for the construction of
said outlet, trunk sewer or sewers and appurtenances located within the
territory of such other municipality, in such manner as may be agreed
upon between such other municipality, and the municipality theretofore
jointly contracting as herein authorized, or such jointly contracting
municipalities may contract in writing with any other municipality or
municipalities for the privilege of connecting its or their sewers and
drains with such outlet or trunk sewer or sewers so to be jointly
constructed by the municipalities originally contracting for the public
improvements or works hereby authorized, and it shall be lawful for such
other municipality or municipalities to enter into a contract for such
purpose, upon such terms and for such consideration and length of time
as may be mutually agreed upon between all the contracting