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Public Health and Safety
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24

Section 120. Contracts for purification of water and sewerage.

120-a. Contracts for sewerage disposal.

120-b. Supervision of sewage system.

120-c. Obligations and privileges relating to sewerage


120-d. Officers of meeting.

120-e. By whom proposed district represented.

120-f. Contract; how executed.

120-g. Apportionment of cost.

120-h. Further provisions as to apportionment of cost.

120-i. Means of payment.

120-k. Payments; how made.

120-l. Letting of contracts.

120-m. Application of other laws to procedure.

120-n. Maps and plans of sewers.

120-o. Definitions.

120-p. Referendum in cities and villages.

120-q. Rules and regulations.

120-r. Cancellation of sewerage contracts for neglect.

120-s. Joint meeting for acquisition and operation of


120-t. Town and village may establish a joint water district.

120-u. Mutual aid for water service.

120-v. Contracts for disposal of sewage outside the state.

120-w. Contracts and agreements for solid waste management,

collection and disposal.

120-x. Agreements for joint acquisition, construction and

operation of public docks.

120-z. Sewer hook-ups by private contractors.

120-aa. Source separation and segregation of recyclable or

reuseable materials.

120-bb. Town of Huntington solid waste management resource

recovery facility; tax exemption; other contractual

provisions related to towns of Huntington and


120-cc. Enforcement of unpaid solid waste collection and/or

disposal fee.

121. Establishment and maintenance of free public baths.

121-a. Creation of village and town police department in

certain towns and villages.

121-b. Care of children admitted to certain places of

amusement in certain cities, villages and towns under

a local law or ordinance.

122. Refusal to take persons to hospital prohibited;

exception for cities with a population of one million

or more.

122-b. General ambulance services.

122-c. Transport of police work dogs injured in the line of


123. Erection and operation of life-saving apparatus.

124. Inspection of building elevators in Nassau county.

125. Issuance of building permits.

125-a. Posting signs on dead-end roads.

126. Establishment of public general hospitals.

126-a. Joint hospitals for cities, towns or villages.

126-b. Public hospitals for chronically ill.

126-b*2. Establishment of Broome county nursing home.

126-c. Appointment to board of managers of county hospital.

127. Appointment and terms of office of managers.

128. General powers and duties of managers.

128-a. Petty cash fund.

129. General powers and duties of superintendent.

129-a. Erie county; county hospital superintendent and county

hospital board of managers.

130. Admission and maintenance of patients.

131. Training school for nurses.

132. Room for detention and examination of persons who are

suspected of being mentally ill.

133. Visitation and inspection.

134. Existing county, town, city or village public general


135. Application of preceding sections.

135-a. Workshops in connection with hospitals and facilities

for the aged.

135-b. Departments of occupational therapy in connection with

public general hospitals and tuberculosis hospitals

or sanatoria.

135-c. Prenatal and maternity care.

136. Regulation of automobile junk yards.

139-c. Sheltered workshops.

139-d. Storage and display of firearms, ammunition and