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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Investigation of expenditures of towns and villages
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 2
§ 4. Investigation of expenditures of towns and villages. If
twenty-five freeholders in any town or village shall present to a
justice of the supreme court of the judicial district in which such town
or village is situated, an affidavit, stating that they are freeholders
and have paid taxes on real property within such town or village within
one year, that they have reason to believe that the moneys of such town
or village are being unlawfully or corruptly expended, and the grounds
of their belief, such justice, upon ten days' notice to the supervisor,
and the officers of the town disbursing the funds to which such moneys
belong, or the trustees and treasurer of the village, shall make a
summary investigation into the financial affairs of such town or
village, and the accounts of such officers, and, in his discretion, may
appoint experts to make such investigation, and may cause the result
thereof to be published in such manner as he may deem proper.

The costs incurred in such investigation shall be taxed by the
justice, and paid, upon his order, by the officers whose expenditures
are investigated, if the facts in such affidavit be substantially
proved, and otherwise, by the freeholders making such affidavit. If such
justice shall be satisfied that any of the moneys of such town or
village are being unlawfully or corruptly expended, or are being
appropriated for purposes to which they are not properly applicable, or
are improvidently squandered or wasted, he shall forthwith grant an
order restraining such unlawful or corrupt expenditure, or such other
improper use of such moneys.