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This entry was published on 2020-06-19
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General Municipal Finances
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24

Section 3. Compensation for property of a municipal corporation,

school district or district corporation taken by

eminent domain.

3-a. Rate of interest on judgments and accrued claims against

municipal corporations.

3-b. Limitation on real estate tax in New York city.

3-c. Limit upon real property tax levies by local governments.

4. Investigation of expenditures of towns and villages.

5. Payment of fines, civil penalties, rent, rates, taxes,

fees, charges and other amounts by credit card.

5-a. Electronic or wire transfers.

5-b. Collection of fines, civil penalties, rent, rates, taxes,

fees, charges and other amounts via the internet.

6-c. Capital reserve funds for counties, cities, villages,

towns and sewer and water improvement districts.

6-d. Repair reserve funds for municipal corporations, school

districts, district corporations and improvement


6-e. Contingency and tax stabilization reserve fund for

municipal corporations.

6-f. Snow and ice removal and road repair reserve funds for

municipal corporations.

6-g. Capital reserve funds for fire districts.

6-h. Reserve fund for payment of bonded indebtedness in

counties, cities, villages, towns and fire districts.

6-i. Airport development and amortization funds.

6-j. Workmen's compensation reserve fund.

6-k. Electric utility depreciation reserve funds.

6-l. Mandatory reserve fund for municipal corporations, fire

districts and school districts.

6-m. Unemployment insurance payment reserve fund.

6-n. Insurance reserve fund.

6-o. Solid waste management facility reserve funds.

6-p. Employee benefit accrued liability reserve fund.

6-q. Intermunicipal agreement for a joint capital reserve fund

in the county of Tompkins.

6-r. Retirement contribution reserve funds.

6-s. Community preservation funds.

6-t. Charitable gifts reserve fund.

6-u. Charitable gifts reserve fund.

6-v. Asset forfeiture escrow fund.

7. Payment of municipal bonds.

8. Application of revenues of a public improvement or part

thereof, or service.

9. Use of tax moneys raised outside constitutional tax


9-a. Inter-fund advances.

10. Deposits of public money; security.

11. Temporary investments.

12. Deposits of public authorities, public benefit

corporations and other corporations.

20. Special population census: population data.

21. Cancellation of unpaid checks or drafts.

22. Claims against fire insurance proceeds; procedure.

23. Flexible benefits program.

24. Corporation for the benefit of the city of New York.

25. Treatment of capital costs and certain fund balances of

the city of New York; revenue stabilization fund of

such city.