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This entry was published on 2017-07-14
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Advertising of bingo games
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 14-H
§ 490. Advertising of bingo games. A licensee may advertise the
conduct of an occasion of bingo to the general public by means of
newspaper, radio, circular, handbill and poster, by one sign not
exceeding sixty square feet in area, which may be displayed on or
adjacent to the premises owned or occupied by a licensed authorized
organization, and through the internet or television as may be regulated
by the rules and regulations of the commission. When an organization is
licensed to conduct bingo occasions on the premises of another licensed
authorized organization or of a licensed commercial lessor, one
additional such sign may be displayed on or adjacent to the premises in
which the occasions are to be conducted. Additional signs may be
displayed upon any firefighting or ambulance equipment belonging to any
licensed authorized organization which is a volunteer fire company,
volunteer ambulance corps or upon any equipment of a first aid or rescue
squad in and throughout the community served by such volunteer fire
company, volunteer ambulance corps or such first aid or rescue squad, as
the case may be. All advertisements shall be limited to the description
of such event as "bingo", the name of the licensed authorized
organization conducting such bingo occasions, the license number of the
authorized organization as assigned by the clerk; the prizes offered and
the date, location and time of the bingo occasion.