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This entry was published on 2017-07-14
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Statement of receipts, expenses; additional license fees
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 14-H
§ 491. Statement of receipts, expenses; additional license fees. 1.
Within seven days after the conclusion of any occasion of bingo, the
authorized organization that conducted the same, and such authorized
organization's members who were in charge thereof, and when applicable
the authorized organization that rented its premises therefor, shall
each furnish to the clerk of the municipality a statement subscribed by
the member in charge and affirmed by such person as true, under the
penalties of perjury, showing the amount of the gross receipts derived
therefrom and each item of expense incurred, or paid, and each item of
expenditure made or to be made, the name and address of each person to
whom each such item has been paid, or is to be paid, with a detailed
description of the merchandise purchased or the services rendered
therefor, the net proceeds derived from such game or rental, as the case
may be, and the use to which such proceeds have been or are to be
applied and a list of prizes offered and given, with the respective
values thereof. A clerk may make provisions for the option for the
electronic filing of such statement. It shall be the duty of each
licensee to maintain and keep such books and records as may be necessary
to substantiate the particulars of each such statement and within
fifteen days after the end of each calendar quarter during which there
has been any occasion of bingo, a summary statement of such information,
in form prescribed by the commission, shall be furnished in the same
manner to the commission.

2. Upon the filing of such statement of receipts, the authorized
organization furnishing the same shall pay to the clerk of the
municipality as and for an additional license fee a sum based upon the
reported net proceeds, if any, for the occasion covered by such
statement and determined in accordance with such schedule as shall be
established from time to time by the commission to defray the cost to
municipalities of administering the provisions of this article and of
article nineteen-B of the executive law.