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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Construction and reconstruction of county roads
§ 117. Construction and reconstruction of county roads. Construction
or reconstruction of such roads, including necessary grade and culvert
work, and any plans and specifications therefor, shall conform to an
outline or general plan of the work, and such construction or
reconstruction must be done under the immediate direct supervision of
the county superintendent or a competent foreman designated by him. All
or any part of such construction or reconstruction may be done by
contract or by direct employment of labor and purchase of material, or
both. The machinery needed for work done under this article, unless
furnished by the contractor, shall be provided as follows:

The county superintendent may rent road machinery from any person,
company, corporation, or from any town or towns in the county, or from
any other county, and such rental shall be payable from the county road
fund; or he may use road building machinery, equipment, tools and
implements purchased with county moneys, and whenever used for the
purpose of this article, a charge therefor, in the nature of rental,
shall be payable from the county road fund on itemized vouchers
certified by the county superintendent showing where the machinery was
used, together with the amount chargeable to each appropriation or
construction project. The provisions of subdivision three of section one
hundred ninety-five, and of subdivisions four, five and six of section
one hundred ninety-four shall apply to work carried on pursuant to the
provisions of this article.