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County Roads
Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Section 110. Definitions.

111. Payment and apportionment of cost among counties and


113. Annual statement of cost.

114. Sources and use of county road fund moneys.

115. Preparation of map showing proposed county road system.

115-a. Abandonment of unused portions of town highways on county

road system.

115-b. Removal of road or part of road from county road system.

115-c. Notice to municipalities where county roads are abandoned

or revert to such municipalities.

116. Statement and approval of proposed work.

117. Construction and reconstruction of county roads.

117-a. Highways in villages in Niagara county.

117-b. Controlled-access highways in counties.

117-c. Hawking, peddling, vending, sale of goods, wares or

merchandise; Erie county; certain areas.

117-d. Pedestrian overpass to be designated as the "Jennifer

Bolender Memorial Overpass".

117-e. Pedestrian overpass to be designated as the "Police

Officer Robert McLellan Memorial Overpass".

118. Acquisition by counties of lands for right-of-way and

other purposes.

118-a. Abandoning of parts of county highways.

118-b. Entry upon lands by county superintendent.

119. Purchase of lands.

120. Petition to acquire lands.

121. Commissioners of appraisal to be appointed.

122. Duties of commissioners of appraisal.

123. County treasurer to pay awards.

125. Land may be sold or leased; disposition of proceeds.

126. Awarding of contracts.

127. Payments from the county road fund.

129. Maintenance and apportionment of cost.

130. Bridges on county road system.

131. County roads of additional width and increased cost at

expense of village.

131-a. Application.

131-b. County highways and bridges.

131-c. Location and construction of bridges.

131-d. Construction by county of destroyed bridges.

131-e. Bridges over county lines.

131-f. Streets outside cities.

131-g. Regulation of toll rates.

131-h. Separate highway districts in certain counties.

131-i. Boundary lines.

131-j. Development of highways and other improvements in certain


131-k. County aid for construction and improvement of certain

public highways and bridges in municipalities.

133. Machinery, tools, equipment, implements, materials and


133-a. Rental or hiring of county highway machinery, tools or


134. Purchases by county purchasing agent.

135. Snow removal, and cutting of weeds.

135-a. Control of snow and ice conditions on county roads.

136. Permits for work within the county road right of way.

137. Maintenance of certain highways by a county.

138. Bridge between Saratoga county and Warren county to be

designated as the "Irving H. Densmore Memorial Bridge".

139. County liable for injuries caused by defective highways

and bridges.

139-a. Presentation of claims for torts; actions against