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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Town Superintendents
Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Section 140. General powers and duties of town superintendent.

141. Estimate of expenditures for highways and bridges.

142. Machinery, tools, equipment and implements.

142-b. Removal of snow and ice, making of repairs, and rental of

town highway machinery; school and other districts.

142-c. Removal of snow and ice from streets and repair of

sidewalks in villages.

142-d. Rental or hiring of town highway machinery, tools or


143. Town superintendents may hire machinery.

145. Purchase of gravel pits.

147. Entry upon lands by town superintendent.

148. Damages to owners of lands.

149. Drainage, sewer and water pipes, cattle passes or other

crossings in highways.

150. Trees and sidewalks.

151. Expenditures for sidewalks.

153. Custody of shade trees.

154. Erection of guide boards.

155. Application for service of prisoners.

156. Penalty, and notice on bridge.

157. Assessment of cost against owners and occupants.

158. Neglect or refusal to prosecute.

159. Compensation for services of town superintendents.