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This entry was published on 2023-12-15
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Town Highways
Highway (HAY) CHAPTER 25

Section 170. Survey for the laying out of a highway.

171. Highways by dedication.

172. Application.

173. Petition for acquisition.

177. Damages in certain cases; how estimated.

180. Limitations upon laying out highways.

181. Laying out highways through burying-grounds.

182. Costs; by whom paid.

184. When officers of different towns disagree about highway.

185. Difference about improvements.

186. Highway in two or more towns.

187. Laying out, dividing and maintaining highway upon town

line, or wholly in one town but adjacent to another


188. Final determination, how carried out.

189. Highways by use.

190. Fences to be removed.

191. Highways or roads along division lines.

192. Adjournments.

193. Contracts for the construction of town highways.

194. Construction or improvement of town highways by county

and town.

195. County aid for construction, improvement and maintenance

of town highways.

196. County aid for connecting highway through villages.

197. Damages for change of grade.

198. Interest on damages for change of grade.

199. Widening highways; petition.

203. Widening, how constructed.

204. Actions to compel widening; how affected by petiton.

205. Highways abandoned.

205-a. Seasonal limited use highway.

205-b. Qualified abandonment of certain town highways.

205-c. Minimum maintenance roads.

206. Highways in lands acquired by the United States for

fortification purposes deemed abandoned.

207. Discontinuance of highway.

208. Description to be recorded.

209. Damages caused by discontinuance.

210. Papers, where filed.

211. Costs of motion.

211-a. Abandonment of certain town highways.

211-b. Abandonment of certain town highways in school districts.

212. Changing location of highways over certain lands owned

and occupied by the state.

212-a. Abandoning of parts of town highways.

213. Construction and repair of approaches to private lands.

214. Depositing ashes, snow, ice, stones, sticks, et cetera

upon the highway.

216. When town not liable for damages.

218. Storm water sewers in town highways.