1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Highway
  4. Article 7: Town Superintendents

Section 154 Erection of guide boards

Highway (HAY)

The town superintendent may, with the consent of the town board, cause guide posts with proper inscriptions and devices to be erected at the intersections of such highways therein, as may be necessary, which shall be kept in repair by him at the expense of the town. Upon written application to him, of five resident taxpayers of any town or twenty resident taxpayers of the county in which such town is located, requesting the erection of one or more guide boards at the intersection of highways in such town, it shall be his duty to cause to be erected at the intersections mentioned in such application, such guide boards indicating the direction, distances and names of the towns, villages or cities to or through which such intersecting highways run. Such application shall designate the highway intersections at which such guide boards are requested to be erected, and may contain suggestions as to the inscriptions and devices to be placed upon such boards. The cost of the erection and maintenance of such boards shall be a town charge. If the town superintendent refuses or neglects for a period of sixty days after receiving such application to comply with the request contained therein, he shall, for such neglect or refusal, forfeit to the town, the sum of twenty-five dollars, to be recovered by the supervisor in the name of the town and the amount so recovered shall be set apart for the erection of such guide boards.