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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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County treasurer to pay awards
§ 123. County treasurer to pay awards. Within six months after the
report of the commissioner of appraisal shall be confirmed as aforesaid,
the county treasurer of such county shall pay to the persons named
therein the amounts awarded to them for damages with four per centum
interest thereon from the date of the filing of the oath of the
commissioners of appraisal in the office of the county clerk. Such
amounts with interest and the amounts payable in pursuance of this
article shall be deemed a part of the cost of construction or
improvement of county roads under this article and shall be paid from
the county road fund by the county treasurer, in case of purchase upon
requisition of the chairman of the board of supervisors of said county,
or by any member or committee thereof designated for that purpose by
said board and in case of a petition for the acquisition of such lands,
upon service of a certified copy of the order confirming such awards. In
case there are unknown owners, to whom the award is made in said report,
the said county treasurer shall deposit the amounts awarded to them with
like interest in some trust company or bank in such manner as the said
court shall in the order of confirmation direct, such amount to be paid
out upon the application of said unknown owners when discovered.