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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Snow removal, and cutting of weeds
§ 135. Snow removal, and cutting of weeds. The board of supervisors of
any county may annually appropriate and expend such sum as it deems
proper for the removal of snow from the county roads of the county, and
for sanding, or otherwise treating them, for the purpose of removing the
danger due to ice and snow thereon. The board shall designate the
county roads from which the snow is to be removed and the work shall be
conducted in a manner to be determined by the board under the direction
of the county superintendent of highways.

The board may also annually appropriate and expend such sum as it
deems proper for the planting of trees, the cutting and removal of
noxious weeds, briers and brush within the bounds of county roads and
town highways improved by county aid, and the purchase and erection of
snow fences, or other structures to prevent the drifting of snow on the
said roads and highways; and the county superintendent may when
authorized by the board of supervisors enter lands adjacent to a county
road to remove any fence or other structure which causes snow to drift
in and upon such county road, and erect snow fences or other devices
upon such lands to prevent the drifting of snow in or upon such county

Whenever any equipment acquired by a county as provided in this
section is not needed by the county, the county superintendent may lease
such equipment to (a) any town or towns in the county to be used on town
highways under the direction of the town superintendent, (b) or to the
state commissioner of transportation.

Where lands are entered upon under the provisions of this section, the
county superintendent shall agree with the owner of such lands, subject
to the approval of the board of supervisors, as to the amount of
damages, if any, sustained by such owner in consequence of such entry in
performance of the work authorized by this section, and the amount of
such damages shall be a county charge. If the county superintendent is
unable to agree with such owner upon the amount of damages thus
sustained, the amount thereof shall be ascertained, determined and paid
in the manner that damages are so ascertained, determined and paid,
where new highways are laid out and opened and the town superintendent
and the land owners are unable to agree upon the amount thereof.