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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Location and construction of bridges
§ 131-c. Location and construction of bridges. The board may authorize
the location, change of location and construction of any bridge, applied
for by any town or towns, jointly, or by other than a municipal
corporation, created under a general law, or by any corporation or
individual for private purposes; and if a public bridge, erected other
than by a municipal corporation, establish the rates of toll for
crossing such bridge; but if such bridge is to cross a navigable stream,
provision shall be made in the resolution or permission authorizing the
same, for the erection and maintenance of a suitable draw, to prevent
any obstruction of the navigation of such stream; and if a private
bridge, provision shall be made that the draw shall be kept open as may
be required to permit all vessels to pass without loss of headway. When
such bridge shall be intersected by the line of counties, the action of
the board of supervisors of each county shall be necessary to give the
jurisdiction herein permitted. If such bridge is to cross a stream
which is navigable in fact, it, including its abutments, and piers, if
any, shall be located and constructed in accordance with maps, plans and
specifications to be approved by the department of transportation; and
not otherwise, and copies of such maps, plans and specifications showing
the location, character, design and dimensions of such bridge, and the
fact of such approval shall be filed in the office of the department of