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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Construction by county of destroyed bridges
§ 131-d. Construction by county of destroyed bridges. If any bridge
within a county, or intersected by any boundary line of a county, shall
be destroyed by the elements, and the board of supervisors of the county
shall deem that the expenses of the construction of a new bridge at or
near the site of the bridge so destroyed would be too burdensome upon
the town or towns within such county, which would otherwise be liable
therefor, the board of supervisors of any such county may provide for
the construction and completion of a bridge and all necessary approaches
thereto, at or near the site of the bridge so destroyed. If the bridge
so destroyed shall have been constructed by a corporation created under
a general law, and the site thereof, and the approaches thereto, or
either, shall be the property of such corporation, such board of
supervisors may purchase the interest of such corporation, or any other
person, in such site or approaches, if such purchase can be accomplished
upon reasonable terms; but if such site or approaches can not be
lawfully acquired by such purchase, or otherwise, upon reasonable terms,
such board may acquire title to premises on either side of such site,
and provide for the construction of a bridge and approaches thereto, at
such place, at the expense of the county or of the two counties jointly,
as the came may be, provided such bridge shall be so located as not to
increase the distance to be traveled upon the highway to reach each end
of such bridge more than five rods. Any board of supervisors providing
for the construction of any such bridge may determine by resolution
whether the expenses of the maintenance and repair thereof shall
thereafter be a county charge, or a charge upon such town or towns.