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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Controlled-access highways in counties
§ 117-b. Controlled-access highways in counties. Notwithstanding the
provisions of any general, special or local law to the contrary, a
county road entirely or partly constructed, reconstructed or improved at
a location where no public highway theretofore existed, may be
designated within a county by the board of supervisors of such county,
on recommendation of the county executive, if any, or in any other case
on recommendation of the county superintendent of highways, as a
controlled-access highway, to and from which the owners or occupants of
abutting property or any other person shall have no right of access
either as pedestrians, as operators of vehicles or in any other
capacity, excepting at junctions of such highways with other public
highways, and also excepting as such access may be reserved by the deed
or final order of condemnation describing the property which has been or
which hereafter shall be acquired for the purpose of such
controlled-access highway. Such county road designated as a
controlled-access highway shall be subject in all other respects to the
provisions of the vehicle and traffic law, and the highway law with
relation to county roads.